Andy Madden

Andy has been shredding on the guitar for over 20 something years, and singing for about five minutes. He digs Les Pauls and Teles and like most guitar players, rarely plays the same axe for any extended length of time. One of his newest and raddest gear finds is his JHS-modded EH Soul Food. It’s quite a klone! His past bands include: The Holdout, Kickbush, The Des Plaines River Band, Walkman Light, Aziola Cry and Phineas Gage.

Stephan Kohnke

Stephan has been pounding the drums for 30 years. In addition to drumming for the ‘Bots, he’s also the drummer for the Michael Lerich Orchestra (weddings) and Istvan and His Imaginary Band (kids & family band), and the go-to sub for many other local acts. He rocks on a late 60’s Ludwig kit and is proudly endorsed by Outlaw Drums and Saluda Cymbals. He’s a professional voiceover actor and a total pinhead who sure plays a mean pinball! He’s been in dozens of bands over the years, including The Fabulous Janes and Dot Dot Dot.

Paul Duda

Paul’s been slappin’ the bass for a couple of decades and is currently in love with his Orange Tiny Terror amp head. His secret weapon in his gnarly, early 80’s G&L L2000, which will shred just about any woofer he puts in its signal path. Paul’s been considered one of the most in demand bassists out there, having played in dozens of bands over the years, including: The Holdout, Kickbush, Azure Bloom, The Get, Brave Ulysses, Lost Armada, War Brides, Ian Crockett Band (Cry Uncle), Calico Cats, Palomine, Next Best Guess, Orange Whip and The Huckleberries.